The Current Tax Arena: Tax Reform/Extenders

The first major tax reform effort since 1986 has begun. Both Tax writing Committees have released drafts and outlines and continue to do so. Now is an opportunity to have an affect on tax law for the next few decades. But you need guides to help you accomplish that.

The tax committees are different animals than the other committees in Congress and need to be navigated with a delicate and knowledgeable hand. We believe we can help you with your current navigation.

There is a crucial nexus between government policy goals and the current tax conundrum. In addition and increasingly, rather than appropriating funds to accomplish policy and political goals, Congress uses tax expenditures to incentivize behavior. But dwindling federal dollars and an obsession with the federal deficit is causing the federal government to look to cutting costs and possibly eliminating tax breaks in favor of a lower corporate tax rate. Changes to both domestic and international tax regimes will be the most important issues for the Congress in the near future. As you know from prior efforts, effecting change in the tax policy arena is a highly strategic and challenging endeavor. We believe we have the vision, current information and expertise to help you safely travel through in these uncertain times.